Become a better clinician and researcher

As a doctor, everyday of our working lives is spent evaluating the probability of a diagnosis, estimating the risks of treatment benefit, calculating the risk of harm, and predicting the prognosis for our patients. For many of us, statistics was either not taught or presented from a mathematical perspective obscuring the link to medicine. As a result, many excellent clinicians do not recognise the importance of statistics in clinical practice and remain unable to effectively evaluate medical literature.
Become a better clinician and researcher

Eric Lim

Clinician, Statistician, Researcher, Editor

As a medical student I was keen to learn all about Evidence Based Medicine, I bought the books and attended the courses but could not understand any of it. As a young doctor, I was interested in research but had no idea where to start, or how to write a paper for publication.

It dawned on me, that the key to understanding Evidence Based Medicine and conducting high impact research was Medical Statistics. Without a moment’s hesitation, I took a full year out to obtain an MSc in Medical Statistics. After that (as a registrar in higher surgical training) I wrote my textbook on Medicine and Surgery, started publishing in high impact journal (BMJ, Lancet) and as a Consultant began obtaining multimillion national grants for randomised controlled trials.

It all started one day, one thought and the sheer determination to obtain a formal understanding of Medical Statistics, who knows what it can do for you?

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